HUNTING for rental
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HUNTING for rental


Hunt in one of the few wild areas left in the world

Buy a hunting certificate for small animals and birds on a daily or weekly basis

Rent an 1-3 year agreement for hunting moose in a 1000 Acers forest area… no roads. Just you and the wild life.

Hunt in one of the few wild areas left in the world – here you can listen to the natural silence while breathing really fresh air

Situated in the woods around Vilhelmina 3 hours drive by car from Umeå, 1 hours flight from Arlanda Airport. Only a 10 minutes drive from Vilhemina local airport to the hunting area

After being in this, one of the last wilderness in Europe, your feeling of tranquility will last a long time
You will replenish you private energy in a way that only a visit in nature can give