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Canit is the perfect can opener and clousure for soda or beer


  • will keep the carbon dioxide in the can
  • will prevent spilling
  • will protect against bugs and dust
  • can be used in the car, the boat, the beach, in the TV-sofa etc


You use the small round opener to wedge the can open and it will work for all soda and beer cans on the market. The opener can also be used for opening other cans, like dog or cat food cans. When finished with the beverage place Canit on top of the can and save it for later.

Coolit Tindra Sparkle


Coolit Tindra Sparkle is the first application in the Coolit system. Coolit Tindra Sparkle is preferably used in the bathroom for things made for your personal care that needs a cold storage. In the animation you can see the different colors it comes in, and how, for example, you can personalize the bathroom fridge by moving the shelves after your own choice.

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